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Sahara desert tours from Marrakech & Fes

Morocco has long been considered as the best country to see the beauty of the world’s greatest desert. The mighty Sahara engulfs most countries across North Africa and although most of it is baron and featureless, the Moroccan plains are brimming with rich and rugged landscapes.

Sahara desert tour has so much to offer for the keen eye. Vast undulating landscapes of lush, green vegetation to huge valleys cascading as far as the eye can see. Plateaus made of rock stretch for miles and then the areas of pure unimaginable beauty turns to lush green oases. At times the lush green grass turns into an area with thousands of date palm trees. There are ergs and volcanic massifs that are rich in beauty and often unleash the odd fossil or two as you walk through the canyon floor. Sand dunes are everywhere and all the natural wonders you will see on a Sahara desert tour will leave you gazing in awe.

The diversity you will see on a Sahara desert tour is not just limited to natural wonders. There are Berber villages and market places, known locally as Kasbahs, as well as isolated little encampments in the desert with a small herd of camels in tow. Sleeping Under the Stars It is at one of these many desert Berber camps where the tours often stop for the night. The camps are reached by way of a camel trek. The journey there is often timed so that by the time we reach the camp, the sun will be setting over the dunes – a sight so glorious, and it will live long in the memory. But the fun in the desert does not simply end because the daylight does. As the night closes in there will be a delicious Moroccan dish prepared for you and the inky black night slowly unfolds a wide expanse looking out onto our galaxy. You will see the stars like you have never seen them before, because there is absolutely no light pollution.

There is a real added value to our Sahara desert trips : fully licensed, registered and capable drivers. You may be on a private tour or a shared tour – both ways your driver is friendly, knowledgeable and shall point out all the fascinating things along the journey out into the desert.

A Quality Service on Your Sahara Desert Tours : The professional drivers are not the only service providers you will meet on a Sahara desert trip. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, hotels within the Kasbah and camel operators too. All these professionals will serve you with a warm and friendly smile and add value, quality and courteousness to your magical tour of the desert. The private tours are ideal for large families or a group of friends who want to share the experience as a unit. The shared tours are perfect for the lone traveler who wants to meet new people and see the beauty of the desert in a special way.


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